One day at a time

by vmcnelis

Recently two articles have been circulating the internet – Don’t date a girl who travels and Date a girl who travels.  And its scary how well they both describe me. Especially the line “Chances are, she can’t hold a steady job. Or she’s probably daydreaming about quitting.”  A week into my new job, a job I’d been trying to get for months, I was already thinking about how I can’t wait to quit.  A recent conversation with my roommate made me realize I am always living in the future.  I am constantly thinking about where I’m going to go next.  As I’m washing dishes I think about packing them all when I move and worry if I’ll be able to remember what’s mine and what’s my roommates.  I seriously consider keeping my things separate so when the time comes to go I can pack everything and leave quickly. (Who seriously cares that much about dishes? I mean when the times comes to leave and travel I’m not going to give a fuck if I ever see my dishes again.) 

I even focus on the future when it comes to my career.  You’re probably thinking that’s not a bad thing, and maybe its not, but it isn’t necessarily good either.  I know exactly what I want to be doing in about six years or so (owning my own gym with my future husband) but I haven’t even applied for one personal training job since earning my certification.  The list of certifications I want to obtain and the books I want to read will take me years.  I get entirely too ahead of myself.

So, since my recent conversation with my roommate, I’ve been trying harder to live in the present.  I’m focusing on my happiness one day at a time and finding the joy and adventure in each day.  I’m allowing myself to make commitments that I previously wasn’t because I was worried about quitting when the time comes to move again.  But I’m still allowing myself to daydream about quitting my job, because quitting means traveling.  And traveling is what my soul craves.